Lillestrøm is a city on the rise! Here, you have access to a wide range of restaurants, fitness centers, great shopping opportunities, and nightlife. Additionally, Oslo, with all its educational institutions, is just a ten-minute train ride away.

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  • Parks and nature

    From Lillestrøm, you have easy access to many wonderful natural experiences. Flowing through the center of Lillestrøm is the Nitelva River, and along the river, you can find beautiful hiking trails. Just outside the city, a short bus ride away, you'll discover Tuentangen. Here, you can wander through the Sørumneset Nature Reserve and admire the scenic landscape and diverse birdlife. Lillestrøm is also conveniently located near Østmarka and Romeriksåsen, offering numerous hiking opportunities in both summer and winter.

  • Culture, nightlife and shopping

    In Lillestrøm, you'll find everything you need in terms of shops, cultural offerings, and nightlife - all within walking distance! The city's pedestrian street allows you to explore local stores and experience the lively atmosphere. Additionally, Strømmen Storsenter, one of Norway's largest shopping centers, is just a short bus ride away. Lillestrøm also offers excellent cultural opportunities, including museums, festivals, football matches, and, not to forget, NOVA Spektrum right across from Studentbyen hosting events throughout the year. Moreover, Lillestrøm boasts a vibrant nightlife with a diverse collection of nightlife venues and bars.

  • Sports and training

    Lillestrøm offers a diverse range of opportunities for sports and exercise. Here, you can find golf courses, swimming pools, ice rinks, and several sports halls. Additionally, the city has multiple outdoor workout parks and indoor fitness centers. Centrally located near Rådhusparken, you'll find Lillestrøm Skatepark, one of Norway's most comprehensive skate parks.

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The best thing about Lillestrøm is that it's quiet and calm with great hiking opportunities around Nitelva and walking distance to most activities in Lillestrøm!

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