Cohabitant and Sublessee

It is important to remember that cohabitants and subtenants do not have the same rights as regular tenants. If a cohabitant or subtenant needs to be granted access to the property or pick up keys, the tenant must submit an authorization (power of attorney).


As a cohabitant, you do not have the same rights as the tenant. To pick up keys or to be let into the residence, the tenant must submit a power of attorney.

Applying for housing with your cohabitant

  • When you apply for housing, you must register information about your cohabitant in your application. If your cohabitant moves out, or your get a new cohabitant, you must notify us.

  • The regulation regarding that the tenant must be a SiO-student and under the age of 35 does not apply to cohabitants. However, couples where both are students are prioritized over couples where only the tenant is a student.

  • If a cohabitant has lived in SiO Housing for more than 5 years in total, either as a tenant or cohabitant, they have reached the maximum period of residence in SiO.


Subtenants do not have the same rights as regular tenants.

You must send an authorization (power of attorney) if your subtenant needs to perform tasks on your behalf, such as getting a new key card if they have lost it or requiring access to the residence. Read more about authorization here.

Also, please remember that even if your residence is subleased, you remain responsible for the property according to the lease agreement and as per SiO's policies throughout the subleasing period. You are also responsible for ensuring that the subtenant receives necessary information about the living arrangement, such as house rules, and for promptly conveying any information received from SiO.

Read more about sublease here

How to send an authorization

Send the authorization via our contact form

  • Write «AUTHORIZATION» in the subject field

  • In the message, you must write what the authorization is for, and the name and date of birth of the person you are authorising

  • Attach a picture of your valid ID

  • If you are a new student and are moving in, you must attach documentation that shows you have been admitted to a school affiliated with SiO. If you have not been accepted yet, your application will be considered valid documentation

The person you have authorized must bring their own valid ID when coming to the Customer Service Centre on your behalf.

Send authorization