Subleasing is suitable for those who are going to travel for a few months, on exchange or on a long summer holiday. Then you can easily rent out your housing unit to another student.

Can I sublease my residence?

You can sublease your residence if you're going away for a few months, going on an exchange, or taking a long summer vacation.

You can only sublease your residence after you have applied for and received written approval from SiO Housing.

You cannot have unsettled matters with SiO if you want to sublease your property. Unsettled matters could include owing rent, for example.

We recommend applying at least 7 days in advance due to processing time.

Who can I sublease my residence to?

The first thing you need to do is find another student who wants to sublease your SiO residence. This student must meet these criteria:

  • The person you are subleaseing to must be a student at an educational institution affiliated with SiO and pay the semester fee to SiO through their educational institution.

  • The person you are subleasing to must satisfy the criteria outlined in the allocation regulations

  • The person you are subleasing to cannot have any outstanding matters with SiO, such as owing rent.

  • The individual cannot have an existing rental agreement with SiO during the desired subleasing period.

  • If you have a single unit, you can sublease to one person, if you have a unit for couples, it must be subleased to a couple, and if it's a family unit, it must be sublesed to a family.

How long can I sublease my residence for?

You can sublease for up to a total of 6 months during your rental period with SiO. Additionally, you can sublease during the summer in June and July each year.

Remember to inform SiO if the subleasing arrangement is terminated. If not, the cancelled part of the subleasing period will be counted when we calculate how long you can sublease next time.

Subleasing to other students in June and July

In June and July each year, you can apply to sublease your residence to another student. All students with valid payment of semester fees from a Norwegian student welfare organization can rent. The person intending to rent must meet the remaining criteria in our Allocation Regulations.

If you apply to sublease to a student outside of SiO, you also have to send us documentation that the individual has paid the semester fee to their student welfare organisation.

What you need to know about rent when subleasing

  • SiO will still send the rent invoice to you. Remember to clarify with your subtenant how you will handle rent payment.

  • You cannot charge a higher rent than what you are paying yourself.

  • If you are renting out with your own furniture and want to charge extra for this, you must make a separate agreement with your subtenant. This amount cannot be a part of the rent. We encourage you to sign a separate agreement for this.

Contractual terms when subleasing

What is the relationship between SiO, me, and my subtenant?

In your tenancy with SiO, SiO is the landlord and you are the tenant. This remains the case even if you sublease your SiO residence. When you sublease your residence, you become the landlord to your subtenant. Therefore, SiO and the subtenant will not have any legal relationship with each other.

Important things to know when subleasing:

  • Even though you're sublesing your residence, you remain legally and financially responsible for the property throughout the subleasing period. If rent is not paid or something gets damaged, you are responsible to SiO.

  • You need to send an authorisation if your subtenant is to do anything on your behalf, for example, if they have lost the key card and need to buy a new one, or if they need to be let into the property. Read more about how to send an authorisation here.

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your subtenant receives necessary information about the tenancy, such as house rules. It's also your responsibility to pass on information coming from SiO.

  • We recommend signing a sublease contract with your subtenant. Be aware that SiO is not a party to the tenancy agreement between you and your subtenant.

Suggestion for sublease contract

Apply for subleasing

Have you become familiar with all the rules that apply to subleasing housing?

When you have found a person you want to sublease to, that person must first register as a user on My page. Once that's done, all that's left to do is apply!

Apply for subleasing