Sogn Student Village

Sogn Student Village is our oldest and perhaps most cozy student village! Here you live in safe and quiet surroundings with short distance to both the forest and the city, training opportunities and shops.

Housing units

  • 1431 housing units

    for one person

  • 31 housing units

    for couples

  • 33 housing units

    for families

  • 406 housing units

    adapted for wheelchair

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This is how it is at Sogn Student Village

  • Amatøren student pub

    In the middle of the student village, you will find the student pub Amatøren, which hosts parties, quiz, karaoke, concerts and much more!

  • Car parking

    You can rent a parking space for your car.

    Read more about the parking arrangement here.

  • Storage

    Everyone who lives in the student village has access to a storage room, either shared or private. The storage room is located in the attic or basement. 

  • Map of Sogn student village

  • Study rooms and activity rooms

    In The Yellow House at Rolf E. Stenersens allé 6, you will find study rooms with internet access, a group room, a living room and a small kitchen. All tenants at Sogn Student Village have access to the house. There is also a WC and a veranda with seating.

    There is also a study room with internet access in Rolf E. Stenersens allé 27.

    You use your access card to enter both addresses. Opening hours are all days between 07:00 – 22:00.

  • Bicycle parking

    Bikes must be parked in the bike rack or bike sheds. 

  • Waste

    At Sogn, you can throw your trash in waste containers outside Rolf E. Stenersens allé 8, 13 and 26B, and outside Jon P. Erliens vei 2 and 7.

    Remember to recycle all your trash!

    You can read more about recycling in the municipality of Oslo here.

  • Outdoor areas

    Sogn Student Village is known for its green, cozy outdoor areas and calm atmosphere. The outdoor areas of the student village has recently been upgraded with both outdoor reading areas, a training park and nice seating areas where you can barbecue and hang out with friends.

  • Laundry

    Sogn Student Village has several laundries.

    Read more about how the common laundries work here.

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Sogn Student Village


Rolf E. Stenersens allé 2 - 48 & Jon P. Erliens vei 1 - 16, 0858 Oslo

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