Nydalen Student Village

The student village has a nice location in a central area close to Nydalen and Storo. Here you have walking distance to BI and Storo Storsenter, and hiking opportunities along the idyllic Akerselva. There is currently noisy construction work at Nydalen. Read more further down on the page.

Housing units

  • 16 housing units

    for one person

  • 12 housing units

    for couples

  • 0 housing units

    for families

  • 16 housing units

    adapted for wheelchair

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This is how it is at Nydalen Student Village

  • Car parking

    Street parking for cars can be found on the other side of the bridge.

  • Storage

    All flats have their own storage units inside the residence, in addition to wardrobes and entrance furniture.

  • Construction projects at Nydalen

    We will build more student housings in Nydalen Student Village

    We have now been given the opportunity to build three more buildings in the student village, north of the two existing buildings. This project will contribute with about 450 new student housing units, and it will take place in the north end of the student village. The project started in full in August, 2023 with scheduled completion early 2026. The project also involves upgraded outdoor areas and great common facilities for the residents of the student village.

    The Nydalen Student Village building project is now in a new phase where the actual building work is underway, and shortly you will see the first building rise. There is, however, still ground works to be done on the northernmost part of the site.

    Working hours and noise

    Unfortunately, the project will cause a considerable degree of noise and dust, and can at times cause limited access.

    Working hours will be Monday – Friday between 07:00 – 19:00.

  • Lifts

    There are lifts in both buildings.

  • Laundry

    Each housing unit has space for a private washing machine in the bathroom.

  • Public transport

    Nydalen subway station and bus stop are a few minutes away. Storo subway station and tram stop are also nearby, in addition to Nydalen train station.

  • Bicycle parking

    You park your bike in the bike racks either at the entrance or in the backyard. 

  • Waste

    There are sorting bins under the kitchen counter and waste bins outside near the entrance.

    Remember to recycle all your trash!

    You can read more about recycling in the municipality of Oslo here.

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Nydalen Student Village


Gjerdrumsvei 10b, 0484 Oslo

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