Maybe your sister is going to pick up the keys for you and start the move-in process while you're sick? Or perhaps your partner or subtenant has lost their key card and needs a replacement? Then you can send an authorisation for them to do this on your behalf.

How to send an authorisation

Send the authorisation via our contact form

  • Write «AUTHORISATION» in the subject field

  • In the message, you must write what the authorisation is for, and the name and date of birth of the person you are authorising

  • Attach a picture of your valid ID

  • If you are a new student and are moving in, you must attach documentation that shows you have been admitted to a school affiliated with SiO. If you have not been accepted yet, your application will be considered valid documentation

The person you have authorised must bring their own valid ID when coming to the Customer Service Centre on your behalf.

Send authorisation