Key card

What do you do if you lose your key card or it stops working?

Lost keycard

Block access

If you have lost your key card, let us know so we can block the card.

Buy a new card

You can buy a new key card at our Customer Service Centre during the opening hours. Remember to bring your valid ID when you come by.

You can also call us during opening hours, and we can place a new key card for you in a key box at Blindern. Sometimes, we may not be able to offer a key box due to capacity constraints.

The price for a new card is 100 NOK.

We have several keycards, but have lost one

To block access to the keycard you have lost, we need the card number on the back of the other keycards. Remember to check this before contacting us!

SiO Customer Service

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 15:00


22 85 32 00

Customer Service Centre

Problemveien 9

Kristian Ottosens hus, Blindern

0313 Oslo

Keycard doesn't work

Follow these steps:

  1. Pull or push the door all the way closed and try again.

  2. Pull or push firmly on the door when the green light is on.

  3. The handle must be pushed all the way down.

  4. Update your card on the card encoder:

    You can often find the card encoder by the entrance of the building or outside the laundry room. Hold the card against the encoder until it's done processing. Try the card again.

  5. If this didn't solve the problem, contact SiO Customer Service to get a new card.

  6. If the new card also don't work, contact the caretaker through My Page for further assistance.

No light on the card reader

If the card reader doesn't display any light when you scan your card, it can mean that it is out of battery, or that your card is broken.

First, check if your card works on other card readers.

If no light appears on any card reader, your card is broken. You'll need to contact SiO Customer Service for a new key card.

If the card works fine on other card readers, you can call us on 22 85 32 00 for assistance.

I need to be let into my residence

If you need to be let into your residence, you can call 22 85 32 00 to be locked in by Securitas. 

It costs 1200 NOK to be let into your residence during SiO Customer Service's opening hours, and 1400 NOK outside the opening hours.