Furnished single room, private bathroom, KHiO

Sofienberg Student House

Key information

  • Suitable for One person
  • Rent until July 31 6168 kr
  • Total 7 housing units
  • Notice period 2 months
  • Size 15 m2


  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
    Shared by 7 people
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Adapted

What will the rent be?

If there is an amount specified above, then this will be your monthly rent. If the amount varies, it means that the rent for this type of housing varies, for example because of the standard or size. You will find out your exact rent when you move in.

  • Furnished single room with private bathroom, KHiO.

This is included in the rent:

  • Electricity

  • Internet access

  • Water and hot water

  • Heating

Sofienberg Student House


Skjelderups gate 17 & Sverdrups gate 20, 0559 Oslo

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