Twin room, one semester, fully equipped

Stensberggata Studenthus


  • Passer for Èn person
  • Husleie t.o.m. 31. juli 4200 kr
  • Totalt 28 boliger
  • Oppsigelsetid 2 måneder
  • Størrelse 17 - 18 m2

Fasiliteter i boligen

  • Bad
    Deles av 14 personer
  • Kjøkken
    Deles av 14 personer
  • Møbler
  • Hvitevarer
  • Tilrettelagt

Hva blir husleien min?

Dersom det står én sum spesifisert ovenfor vil dette bli den månedlige husleien din. Dersom husleien varierer betyr dette at husleien for boligene av denne typen har ulik husleie, for eksempel på grunn av standard eller størrelse. Du får vite nøyaktig hva husleien din blir når du flytter inn.

  • Do you want to share a room with another student or a friend?

    The room will be furnished for two students, with a bunk bed and two closets. Some have shelves for extra storage. You’ll also have a table with chairs where you can study or hang out with your roommate. All rooms have a French balcony with large glass doors, letting in plenty of natural light.

    About the pictures

    The pictures above are examples of potential layouts and appearances for the housing. Some images have been digitally furnished and styled, so the furniture shown is not the exact furniture provided. These illustrations offer a general idea of the type of furniture you can expect. The first photo shows how you can enhance the room with personal styling elements.

    Shared kitchen and bathroom

    Your room will have a sink and a small fridge that you share with your roommate. You’ll share the common kitchen, as well as 2-3 showers and toilets, with all your flatmates.

    The kitchen will be equipped with white goods like two stoves and a dishwasher. The common kitchen comes with a table and chairs as well as equipment for cooking and cleaning. For example, there are plates, glasses, cups, knives, cutlery, pots and pans. Here you have the opportunity to get together and create a social and diverse community.


    You will have access to the common laundry room in the basement. Read more about the laundry facilities and prices here.

    Storage unit

    In the basement, you will also have a storage unit that you share with your roommate.

    Tenancy period

    You will be able to live in this room for a maximum one semester, ending 31 December.

Dette er inkludert i husleien:

  • Strøm

  • Internett

  • Vann og varmtvann

  • Oppvarming

Stensberggata Studenthus


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