Here you will find useful information on when and how to pay your rent. Remember that an overview of your finances can be found on My Page.

How do I pay house rent?

You can wait to pay rent until you receive an invoice from SiO. All necessary payment information will be provided in the invoice.

The account number for paying rent is 6094 05 59823.

Remember to include the KID-number from your invoice, so we can identify your payment. If someone else is paying rent for you, it is important that they also include your KID-number.

Tenants without a Norwegian bank account will have the option to pay rent with a credit card on My page. If you have a UDI account through SIO, you can pay rent directly from this account on My page.

Payments from a non-Norwegian account

If you are paying from a foreign account, you will need the SWIFT-code and IBAN-number:


IBAN number rent: NO7260940559823

NB: In order for us to identify your payment, please write the KID-number in the message field of your payment.

When do I get my first invoice?

The rent must be paid in advance, and is due on the 1st of each month.

The exception is the month you move in, and sometimes the month after, where the rent is paid later.

You will receive the invoice from us by e-mail, direct debit or e-invoice around the 17th of each month. You can also find the invoice on My page/Finances. Remember to update your e-mail and mobile phone number on My page.

Example 1:

Your contract starts on August 1, and you move in on the same day. You will usually receive an invoice for rent for both August and September, which must be paid on September 1.

Example 2:

If your contract starts on July 16, and you move in on July 17, one of the following two things usually happen: The first option is that you receive an invoice for July, August and September, due on September 1. The other possibility is that you will receive an invoice for July and August which must be paid by August 1, and later receive an invoice for September due on September 1.

Reminders and fees

The fee for unpaid bills is 35 NOK per bill as per 1st October, 2020.

We follow common procedures for debt collection.

The rent has gone to debt collection. What happens now?

If you don't pay your rent invoice by the deadline, we will forward the case to the debt collection agency Kredinor for payment follow-up. On Kredinor's website, you should be able to log in to view your case. You can contact Kredinor directly if you need assistance in understanding the status of your case and for advice and information regarding payment.

I want to move in later. Will it effect the rent?

The rent is counted from the day your contract starts, even if you choose to move in later. This also applies to moving out before your contract is terminated.

Example 1:

Your contract starts on the 1st of August, but you move in on the 10th of August. You will still receive a rent invoice for the period starting on the 1st of August.

Example 2:

Your contract will be terminated on the 30th of November, but you move out on 17th of November. You will still receive a rent invoice for the period lasting until the end date of the contract.