Change housing

Do you live with us but dream of moving to a different accommodation? Then you can easily apply for internal moving.

Can I appy for internal moving?

Has your living situation changed? Or did you not get the accommodation you wanted? Then you can apply to switch to another SiO accommodation.

You cannot apply for internal moving if your contract lasts one semester or less. If you have terminated your housing, you will also not be granted internal moving.

We have many different housing types to choose from, both for singles, families and couples.

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Apply for internal moving

If you already have a housing unit with SiO and wish to switch to another, you can apply for internal moving to another housing unit you prefer. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences as far as it is practically feasible.

Housing units that are centrally located or of a housing type with limited units often have long waiting lists, so patience is advised in these cases.

If your main priority is to move as quickly as possible, we recommend applying for housing types with many units in our larger student villages like Kringsjå, Sogn, and Bjølsen.

Apply for internal moving

During the period from July 15th to September 1st, we do not offer internal moving due to high demand among new students.

Housing offer

If you receive an offer for a new SiO housing unit, you have the choice to accept or decline the offer.

If you accept

If you choose to accept the offer, the contract for your current housing unit will be automatically terminated. The termination takes place 4 or 6 days after the start of your new contract. It will be 4 days if the notice period for your current housing unit is 2 months, and 6 days if the notice period is 3 months. Your current housing unit will then be offered to another student.

If you decline

If you choose to decline the offer, you can continue living in your current housing unit for the duration of your existing contract. However, you will lose your spot on the internal transfer waiting list and would need to reapply if you still wish to change housing units.

Moving period

When you accept an offer for internal moving, you will have access to both housing units for a short period. This allows you time to move your belongings to the new residence and clean the old one. The number of days granted for moving depends on the notice period of your current accommodation:

  • 2 months' notice period = 4 days to move

  • 3 months' notice period = 6 days to move


You are living in a studio apartment with a two months' notice period, and your new contract begins on March 1.

Your original residence will be automatically terminated by March 4.

You can collect the keys to your new place from 12:00 (noon) on March 1, and you must move, clean, and return key cards/keys for your old residence by 12:00 (noon) on March 4.

Rent in the moving period

You pay rent for the duration of your housing contracts. When internal moving, you have 4 or 6 days of overlapping contracts that you can use for moving. The number of days is determined by the notice period of the accommodation you are moving from.

  • 2 months' notice period = 4 days of rent for both accommodations

  • 3 months' notice period = 6 days of rent for both accommodations


You are moving from a residence with a 3 months' termination period, and you have a contract for the new housing that starts on July 1.

The contract for your old housing unit ends on July 6.

You will then pay rent for the new housing starting from July 1, and rent for the old housing until July 6.